All Class instructors are accredited under the MAIA (Martial Arts Industries of Australia). We have policies on child protection. Our instructors are required to have a Working With Children Check. They all have at least 8 years experience and attend instructor courses set out by Kancho Terry Lim.

Kancho Terry Lim

Dojos: LFP Honbu (Wantirna Sth) / Narre Warren South / Lang Lang

Started Martial Arts Training: 1956 in Penang, Malaysia.

Types of Martial Arts Trained & Teaching:

  • Shao Lin Kung Fu
  • Mushindo
  • Aikijutsu
  • Karate
  • Kickboxing
  • Combat Judo
  • Kendo
  • Weaponry (Kali / Nunchaku / Sai / Bo / Katana)
Government Licences Held:
  • Martial Arts Instructor(1980)
  • Kickboxing Instructor & Promotor (1981)

Positions Held:

  • Chief Instructor & Founder of Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts Academy since 1981
  • Former Vice President of Australian Kung Fu Federation with G/Master William Cheong as President (1985 to 1990)
  • Victorian Representative Official of Australian Kung Fu Federation with Master Walt Messingham as President
  • Inductee of AMAHOF (2016)
  • Inductee of MAA (Martial Arts Australia) Masters Award (2022)
  • Australian Director of World All Styles Combat Association (Black Dragon Association)
  • Member of World Kumite Organisation (WKO Japan)

Renshi Luke Campbell

Renshi Wayne Boyd

Dojo: Cockatoo

Renshi Wayne began with Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts in 1986. He has been teaching martial arts since 1990. Wayne is head instructor of the Cockatoo Dojo which has been operating in the district since 1983.

Renshi John Macdonald

Renshi John has been training in martial arts since 1969. He joined LFP in 1995 and has been an instructor since 1998. John has a background in the martial arts of Aikido and Taekwondo. He also holds the rank of Lakan Isa (black belt) in the Filipino martial art of Arnis (stick fighting).

Shihan Shane Coggins

Dojo: Inverell (NSW)


Dai Sensei Deborah Deves

Dojo: Jimboomba (Qld)

Dai Sensei Deb started with LFP in 1996. Now living in Queensland, Deb has run a successful dojo since 2005. Deb trained in Penang in Mushin-Aikijutsu with Soke Francis Sami in 2006. In 2008 Deb discovered a pure sword style of martial arts from Korea called Haidong Gumdo and has added classes in this at the Jimboomba Dojo.

Dai Sensei Doreen Hickey

Dojos: LFP Honbu (Wantirna Sth) & Scoresby

Sensei Doreen began training  with Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts in 1993. Doreen has participated in numerous training trips to Malaysia which have included training with Tang Lang, São Lim and Mushin Aikijutsu.

Dai Sensei Aaron Reeve

Dojo: Cockatoo

Sensei Aaron began Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts in 1997. He is the youngest LFP student to achieve his Black Belt, doing so at the age of nine. He has won several State, National and Oceanic awards representing LFP. Aaron has been assisting students and instructing since 2001.

Sensei Jack Wareham

Dojos: Longwarry

Dai Sempai Jack started training in 1999, graded to his junior shodan in 2005 and then senior shodan in 2013. He has attended two overseas training trips to both Penang and Phuket. Jack trains six days a week and is currently Loong Fu Pai's youngest head dojo instructor.


Ronny Liew

Dojos: Carrington Park

Rudy Laverdure

Dojos: Lang Lang

Sempai Rudy has been training in martial arts since the 1970s. He started with Loong Fu Pai in 2009. Prior to this Rudy trained with several different styles including Shotokan , Zendokai, Shukokai, and Shodakan Aikido. Rudy also has considerable experience in Kickboxing.